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ACPOP Certifications and Designations

Professional Certifications

CIPP TM - Certified International Procurement Professional

In recent years, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management have been receiving increased focus. This is due to the quick and large benefits that are available, often with minimal investment. These disciplines apply across all industries, in the same way as all companies require robust financial control. It is the experience of the discipline, not the industry, that leading companies are looking to develop. Effective management and control of these disciplines will make a material difference to your bottom line.

CBOP TM - Certified Business Operations Professional

As survival in the modern industrial environment becomes more important that success and profit the modern demands placed upon the Operational functions of an organization are increasing dramatically. Business Operations are becoming the 'go to' function when the need for Value Generation and Total Efficiency become the priority for the organization. Globalization, Supply Chain Risk, Financial Uncertainty, Resource Management are all factors affecting the way we conduct our business. This course addresses these issues and drives the need to embrace the modern business climate and understand how we can make an impact.

Why choose ACPOPTM Certification?

The ACPOPTM Certification demonstrates your high level achievement of standards in skills, professional knowledge and best practice in International Procurement and Business Operations.

  1. Help you earn credibility and respect in your company.
  2. Open more opportunities for advancement.
  3. Increase your salary. Certified professionals earn up to 18% more than their non-certified peers.
  4. Demonstrate your commitment to your profession.
  5. Advance your skills and knowledge
  6. Represent your personal achievement.
  7. Build confidence in your own knowledge of the profession.

Additional Benefits of ACPOPTM Certification

The ability to use the designation CIPP or CBOP on your business card and resume Access to the ACPOP and IABFM network and body of information online  Access to ACPOP journal published online Gold embossed Certificate with your name and designation The ACPOP designations shows that you have completed graduate level project management education and that you have the skills and experience to manage project management programs  on a national, regional and global level.

Exam Details and Eligibility Requirements

Exam Format Exam Duration Eligibility Requirements
 1.  4 quizzes 2 hours long Master's degree or higher and 1 year of demonstrated professional Procurement or Operations experience
 2.  3 case studies   A Bachelor's degree and 2 years of demonstrated Procurement or Operations experience;
 2.  50 multiple-choice questions   With less than a Bachelor’s degree, candidates need to demonstrate 3 years of Procurement or Operations experience

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