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Planning a Project Project Management
by General Information

In the first phase of Define the Project, you (and your stakeholders) analyzed the needs of your organization and your target audience and decided on appropriate solutions. ...[ Read More ]

Define the Project Project Management
by General Project Planning

In this initial phase you will build the framework, or scope, of your project, including: ...[ Read More ]

Internet and E-Commerce History Elective Modules

When the Defense Department issued a $19,800 contract on December 6, 1967, for the purpose of studying the "design and specification of a computer network," the world didn't take notice. ...[ Read More ]

Common Challenges Project Managers Face Project Management
by Rick Cusolito

Regardless of your experience as a project manager, projects will consistently challenge your ability to use a little art, a little science, and a little sleight of hand. This article lists some of ...[ Read More ]

Managing a large, international project Project Management

Having worked on projects in several countries our host Cornelius Fichtner was very much looking forward to this interview with Randy Magdaluyo. Randy works for a financial services provider in the ...[ Read More ]

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